Stylist Presentation

Sacha Mitic & Juan Rosenlind
founders of SACHAJUAN

Cecilia - Senior Top Stylist / Education Manager

Cecilia started her hairdressing education at S:t Eriks High School, in Stockholm (Sweden) 1992. She is also educated as a make-up artist. Cecilia has spent the greater part of her hairdresser career abroad. In 2001-2006 she worked in London (UK) and in 2006-2010 she worked in Brisbane (Australia). She has participated in scholarships and been a key member of artistic teams. She has worked at London Fashion weeks, TV shows, etc. and has been responsible for education in cutting, colour and form. “I love beautiful hair. As a hairdresser, I’m driven by the motto that ‘nothing is impossible’. I put the customer’s needs into focus, and I like to think outside the box. It’s important that you as a customer feel secure and beautiful in yourself. ” I’m inspired both from new trends as everyday life. My heart beats a bit extra for colour ”.

Angelica - Top Stylist
Angelica began the fall of 2013 her education to become a hairdresser at the hairdressing school Swedish Hairdressing School in Stockholm (Sweden). Since June 2014 the training continued here at SACHAJUAN and during 2015 she took her Journeyman’s Certificate. “To be constantly hungry for new knowledge and experience is my motto, there are always new things to learn. I like the creativity of my profession and am always open to provide my clients with new ideas with their desires in focus.”

Sofie - Top Stylist
Sofie started her career in Borås (Sweden), where she studied and took her Journeyman’s Certificate in 2013. After that, she trained to be an extension specialist and made the choice to move to Stockholm (Sweden) to seek new challenges and develop within the profession. Sofie has a great passion for hairdressing and loves to be creative and find the right look for her customer. "In my meeting with the customer, I'm responsive to the customer's needs and I always want to deliver with great accuracy."

My - Stylist

My started her career as a hairdresser in 2013, after studying at the Swedish Hairdressing School in Stockholm. The urge to create and to always learn new things is what first got her into the idea of working with hair. With professionalism and accuracy My will help you with anything you might want for your hair.

Fia - Stylist
Fia is raised in Örnsköldsvik, a smaller city in the north of Sweden. In the spring of 2015 she decided to move and begin her education as a hairdresser in Stockholm, Sweden. "I always strive to get better. Within the hairdressing profession you'll never be fully trained - there will always be new techniques and new innovations, making it an incredibly fun and challenging profession. My focus is always on the customer and I'm happy to show you how to treat your hair with everything from care to styling. Whether you're looking for a small trim or a major change - I'll be happy to help you!"

Rebecca - Stylist
Rebecca moved from Nyköping (Sweden) and started her hairdressing education in January 2016 at the Swedish Hairdressing School. She started working with us at SACHAJUAN in 2017 and in 2018 she took her Journeyman´s Certificate. “Since I'm very target-oriented and strive to be the best hairdresser, the choice of salon wasn't very difficult as the highest quality is always something I also aspire to achieve. I'm passionate about creating, shaping and always developing. The best thing about the work as a stylist is to be creative and, together with you as a customer, create the best version of yourself.”



Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind by appointment only.

All prices in SEK and subject to change depending on time.

Ladies Cut
Junior Stylist 600
Stylist 750
Top Stylist 950
Senior Top Stylist 1000
Education Manager 1100

Mens Cut
Junior Stylist 500
Stylist 650
Top Stylist 800
Senior Top Stylist 850
Education Manager 900

Cut & Highlights
Junior Stylist 1750
Stylist 2050
Top Stylist 2350
Senior Top Stylist 2550
Education Manager 2650

Cut & Colour
Junior Stylist 1450
Stylist 1850
Top Stylist 2050
Senior Top Stylist 2350
Education Manager 2450

Junior Stylist 1300
Stylist 1600
Top Stylist 1800
Senior Top Stylist 2000
Education Manager 2100

Junior Stylist 1200
Stylist 1350
Top Stylist 1650
Senior Top Stylist 1750
Education Manager 1850


Blowdry / Styling
(1 hour)
Junior Stylist 500
Stylist 600
Top Stylist 700
Senior Top Stylist 800
Education Manager 850

Keratin Treatment
(Exact price after consultation)
Stylist 3300
Top Stylist 3300
Senior Top Stylist 3300

Event Styling
Stylist 1450
Top Stylist 1850
Senior Top Stylist 2050
Education Manager 2250

Bridal Set
(Exact price after consultation)
Stylist 2500
Top Stylist 3500
Senior Top Stylist 4000

Extentions – Full Head
(Exact price after consultation)
Stylist 6800
Top Stylist 6800
Senior Top Stylist 6800

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Wednesday – Thursday 9 – 20
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